Published September 14, 2021

Dive Deeper into GLS21 with GLS On-Demand


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After attending The Global Leadership Summit, many attendees tell us how much they loved their experience, but how they wish they could experience the event again or dive deeper into what they learned. This is why we created GLS On-Demand!

GLS21 On-Demand gives you exclusive, one-year access to GLS21 content.

What’s Included:
      • Full Faculty Talks
      • Leadership Shorts Videos
      • Grander Vision Story Videos
      • Summit Impact Videos
      • Summit Arts Videos
      • Session Outlines & Notes
      • Illustrative Summaries
      • Discussion Guides
      • Bonus Videos & Resources
      • Online access on your preferred device


Don’t let the important learning moments from GLS21 remain on your notepad. Dive deeper with GLS On-Demand and take time to reflect, digest and take action on what you learned.

A leader types notes while looking at the GLS21 On-Demand content.

GLS21 On-Demand Computer Access

Haven’t experienced GLS21 yet? GLS On-Demand is the ONLY way to access what others experienced in August 2021!

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The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day infusion of actionable leadership insights and inspiration broadcast to hundreds of host sites across the United States every August. In the following months, the GLS is translated, contextualized and hosted by local leadership committees at hundreds of locations across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. This global event convenes a world-class faculty who share their distinct perspectives and expertise, inspiring and equipping people around the world with practical leadership skills that can be applied within their context, wherever they have influence, and used to empower positive transformation where it’s needed most. Attracting an audience that represents various industries, including marketplace, non-profit, healthcare, education, government, ministry and corrections, the GLS has become a unique platform, unlike any other, bringing people together to not only empower better leadership within the organizations they represent, but in a growing number of cases around the world, this event also acts as a catalyst for organic local movements initiating systemic, city-wide change. What started as a single event back in 1990’s, the GLS has grown to attract tens of thousands of people today.