Published November 10, 2021

Find Out Your Leadership Personality–Take the Quiz

Every day, you bring your own unique leadership personality and style into your personal and professional life. Knowing your style can help you embrace the areas where your leadership shines and empower others in their unique strengths.

To help you discover the way you best influence those around you, the Global Leadership Network created a Leadership Personality quiz. Are you a Creator, Problem Solver, Vision Caster, Team Builder, Manager or Culture Builder?

Find out which of the six leadership personalities you resonate with most.

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Which one of these leadership personalities do you resonate with?

The Creator – Creators are resilient, innovative and creative with a resiliency to them that often makes them great entrepreneurs. They often inspire those around them with their creative ideas. Their key strengths are creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, resilience and confidence.

The Problem Solver – Problem Solvers are great at leading people through change, complexity and crisis. They have a natural strategic mind to see the big picture and know how to find solutions. Their key strengths are Leading Change, Crisis Leadership, Negotiation, Managing Complexity and Strategy.

The Vision Caster – Vision Casters know their audience and how to share their ideas effectively, leading people to a better future. They see opportunity and solutions more easily than others and people tend to gravitate toward their energy. Their key strengths are Communication, Vision and Teaching.

The Team Builder – Team Builders ask great questions, know the strengths of those around them and how to empower the best out of their team. They also tend to be great collaborators and mentors. Their key strengths are Connection, Mentorship, Team Building, Empowerment and Collaboration.

The Manager – Managers know how to get things done. They create great processes around exciting goals and know how to tap into the strengths of their team for maximum effectiveness. Their key strengths are Productivity, Execution, Decision Making, Management.

The Culture Builder – Culture Builders are the glue of healthy teams and organizations. They know how to build trust and leverage the important contribution of everyone in a group for maximum engagement and joy at work. Their key strengths are Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Philanthropy, Culture Builder and Psychological Safety.

Find out which of the six leadership personalities resonate with you most. Then meet The Global Leadership Summit: Special Edition faculty who can help you grow and thrive!

Take the Leadership Personality Quiz >>
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